Writing Your Resume for the Gig

After failing, abysmally, on my first use of JobScan, I tried to get a better score. By utilizing the suggestions from JobScan I raised my score to an 89%!

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The first thing I did was to remove some of the Skills that JobScan picked up that weren't pertinent to the job application, or were mentioned in my resume using slightly different verbiage (example: bungalow, outreach, drives, successful, and hired). This bumped up my score a little bit, but still didn't get me to that sweet spot of 80%. I went then went through my resume and updated words with the skill sets from the job description. The word "startup" appeared a lot, so I made sure to add those. Some of my skills weren't pertinent to the job (example: Adobe Suite), so I removed them for other highlighted skills that the job description specifically asked for.

One thing that threw me for a loop was the page size. JobScan indicated that my page size was non-standard, but its not. It's standard size. This likely bumped my score down a bit because of this formatting issue. Another thing that "dinged" my score was the word "Startup". JobScan wanted me to include "Startup environment" and "Start-Up" (as predicted skills). I elected to ignore "start-up" as the company that posted the job spelled it "startup", and I decided not to use "startup environment" as its unnecessary words for something that is already conveyed in the resume.

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