Who Are You Networking With?

The purpose of this activity is to find a solid network of individuals to help with my journey post-graduation. This is extremely important, as having a professional network can help create credibility and establish a communication bridge for future work.

Since my chosen profession is photography, it was difficult to find places that I could network out to. I'm not interested in journalism, so wasn't sure where to direct my attention. I typically work with portrait photography, and do work in cinematography and film as well. I figured that I could find people who may want to collaborate on larger projects, both in film and photography. By utilizing a Google Map, I can easily access my network. CLICK HERE for Google Map

I have a few acquaintances I've already met through my tenure as a freelance photographer; but elected to try to find more people that I didn't know, or other people in the field that I wasn't familiar with. Indiana has a large photographer community, each with their own different niches. I tried to diversify photographers, choosing photographers from various types of photography (portrait, family, wedding, boudoir, etc.). All of the photographers I chose have impressive online portfolios, and didn't have bad reviews on Google.

I also added some local film companies in the area. I've, admittedly, heard of those film studios, but don't know them personally. The ones I selected have a great reputation, and are usually looking for people to help out on film sets. I have some experience with different jobs on film sets, so figured I may be able to help them on future projects should the need arise.

In addition to film and photography, I thought it best to add some design/marketing businesses to my map. While it doesn't look like there are any jobs available with these locations, I think it would be helpful to contact them in the future.

I reached out to a couple photographers to ask for potential networking/mentoring - but have yet to hear anything. I am involved with a few different Facebook groups, which is where most networking occurs. I feel like I'm pretty well rooted in my niche (cosplay photography), but I am looking to branch out to other genres! Hopefully I'll hear from some of the photographers soon so I can build my own skills up!

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