Week 3 Integrative Learning: Boosting Website Traffic

The article from Digital Squad (Content Distribution) is incredibly insightful. There are a lot of takeaways from the article. After reading the article, and doing some independent research, I discovered three ways that I can boost my online footprint.

1. Create a blog According to the article "...3 out of 4 internet users read blog content". That's a pretty big market share. Because I've created nice groundwork in a niche market (cosplay photography), I think creating a blog would be a no-brainer. I'm going to start creating articles (and maybe videos) relating to things I encounter when practicing photography. When I first started out doing photography, it wasn't easy to find information (books and card catalogs!) and finding things online wasn't incredibly easy. I'd like to make some simplified tutorials on the basics of DSLR's, lighting setup, things like that. A lot of photography blogs seem to talk over a new learners head. My aim would be to simplify teaching instead of getting stuck in technical jargon.

2. Newsletters and/or E-Mail listings I like the idea of a monthly or quarterly newsletter. I'd be nice to have a photo contest, interviews, or things of the like (housed on my webpage to boost traffic) that could be used to boost visits. Including old clients is a good way to keep their business, and increase referrals.

3. Research Optimal Times for Posting

This is the big one. I need to deep dive into my analytics to find when people visit my page the most. Catering to the time frames people visit the most should increase my overall visibility. I need to research more on how to bulk schedule content submission. It would be a lot easier to sit down and set a schedule for everything I'd like to post in a given week. This would likely cut down time spent [physically] on social media and create a steady content flow to keep people interested.

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