Week 2 Integrative Learning: Why Your Resume Isn't Working

Jobscan is a nifty tool that reads your resume in comparison to a prospective job. This is an incredibly helpful tool to see your resume through the eyes of an unforgiving program - which is very similar to a lot of recruiters. Jobscan doesn't give opinions - it just states facts. Instead of having a friend or relative revise/review your resume, chose Jobscan. It's neutrality is extremely appreciated! You can see a sample of my Jobscan below:

Jobscan Link

Job Link

After running Jobscan, I've realized that I really need to focus on more skills. A lot of the skills that Jobscan says that I don't have - I do, and they're mentioned (kind of) in my resume. Customer Support, Customer Experience, Troubleshooting, and Account Management are all skills that I have. I'm going to have to re-tool my resume a little if I want to ensure I get an interview at the company I selected.

I also need to add more measurable results. The program only found 2 mentions (although there are more), but I need to reword them so they sound more like a measurable result. I'm going to have to really buckle down and focus on my measurable results.

Soft skills keywords could also use some attention too. I really need to use words/phrases like "flexible", "communication skills", "solve problems", etc. to get my resume to pop. I have synonyms of some of these words, but I should think about replacing them with more "to the point" words.

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