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While my (almost) degree happens to be in Media Communications, my career is in corporate training and team management. There have been a lot of projects that I've worked on over the years, and a lot of projects that are hard to fit into a small paragraph. I've always had an issue with being too wordy, and resumes have always been challenging to me. There are so many moving parts in projects, especially ones that take 12-15 months to complete, and its hard for me to guess which parts I should put in an accomplishments section.

Part of my job is looking at resumes and interviewing people. Honestly, I wish I could say that I've looked at every single resume that comes across my desk. Most times Human Resources emails me a resume right before an interviewee is scheduled to come into the office. There have been times where I got the resume as I was walking into the interview. Because of my experience I have to assume most interviews are handled in similar fashion. Because of this, I limit my resume to one page. This is why its very difficult for me to write everything I want to say: extremely limited space and a near infinite amount of things to say. I went through my current position and tried to find three industry projects that were important enough to list AND easy enough to explain. I chose the following (copy/pasted from my resume):

Training, In-House Mentor Training Program July 2016

Developed a series of interview questions, and implemented ongoing training to help foster training helpdesk specialists mentor new hires. Created trainings, presentations, checklists, and role playing exercises. The Mentor Program saw: a significant decrease in employee turn-over, higher customer satisfaction, higher work group morale, fast track promotions for those in mentor position, and improved KPI and SLA metrics.

International Training, Global Helpdesk Training Program January 2017

Developed an efficient way to train our international helpdesk team, and provide them with ongoing support. Created knowledge base articles, specifically for global training, as well as work with their leadership team to ensure total understanding of account processes. The Training Program saw a high level of understanding with our global helpdesk, increased customer support due to international availability, improved training, improved in-house morale, and the ability to understand clients global cultural needs.

Knowledge Base Manager, Knowledge Base Migration January 2019

Helped migrate knowledge base from RightAnswers to ProProfs. Created new content for knowledge base, and help upload content. The Knowledge Base Migration improved the following: ease of access to pertinent policy/process information, increased account understanding, eased helpdesk frustration with ease of use, call/chat length decreased, higher client satisfaction, fewer helpdesk escalations.

Unfortunately there aren't many numbers in my field, and we don't have quantifiable numbers to back up my claims. I scattered other quantifiable accomplishments throughout the resume, which will help catch a recruiters eye.

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