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I've been using LinkedIn for a little while, and find it a useful tool to look at other individuals in my industry. It's a great networking tool, and I love checking up on old work friends to see how they're doing in their professional lives.

LinkedIn Page:

  • Custom URL: As this is my professional LinkedIn page, I used my last name and initials for my link (this is the same format as my personal email account)

  • Profile and Background Image: My LinkedIn photo was captured by the marketing manager at my current job for use on my LinkedIn page.

  • 100 Character Headline: I only have 107 Character on the headline

  • 1000 Character Summary: Check

  • Experience with Visual Assets: I had to skip this part. As this is my professional LinkedIn, most of the documents, trainings, visuals I make are propriety information and I'm not allowed to share that information on the internet. Things I've created during my time at Full Sail would not be prudent to my current industry.

  • Experience Section: Check

  • Identify 2 Industry Professionals: -Tamica Brown, Manager of Telecom and Global Mobility Services, CME Group -Anetta Gaines, Segment Lead at HP

  • LinkedIn Groups: Telecom Professionals: IoT, LTE, M2M, OTT, Internet of Things, Mobile, Telecom Harvard Business Review

I chose the above LinkedIn groups mostly because they were interesting to me. A lot of people that I'm connected with on LinkedIn follow the Harvard Business Review, so I figured I'd give it a quick look. Most of the articles on the Harvard Business Review group page consist of manager tactics and making a positive impact with a company. This seems like a pretty prestigious group, and the information will prove to be invaluable. The other group I joined, Telecom Professionals, talks about the different trends/technical changes in my chosen field. This will help me stay up to date with new technology, as well as prepare for the potential of new trends coming down the pike. By utilizing both the Harvard Business Review and the Telecom Professionals groups, I will be sure to remain up to date with new practices and philosophies in my chosen field of work.

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