Creating a Career Plan ( Video)

Having a career plan is one of the most important things to have after graduating college. Having a clear plan will help guide one to get to their next career goals, and keeps one focused on the end result: to get paid. There are long-term and short-term goals that one can create. This concept seems obvious, but its important to set short-term goals that act as a sort of milestone before you complete a long-term goal. Goals are always changing, and its okay to change them as life happens. It is important, however, to always maintain goals - and update them as time progresses. The purpose of this video, taught by Dr. Chaz Austin, is to prepare people to create these goals, and how to create a viable (and attainable) career plan.

Dr. Austin has a wealth of knowledge in his video. There is a lot of information, but three strategies stood out among the rest. The first is focusing outside of yourself. Dr. Austin details how to interview at different companies. He speaks about body language at depth, and talks about how to be a good interview candidate. One thing that stuck out to me was how he said something that everyone knows, but few in an office environment speak of: " My team and I spend more time together than we do with our families". This is important, as it really sets the stage for the interview. Interviews are more to see if there is a good fit. Obviously it helps if you can do the job, but having the right personality is just as (if not more) important. When interviewing, it is important to ensure that one is positive, honest, earnest, and has researched the company. I'm fairly good at interviews, as I've been doing them for a few years (as an interviewer). It's good to practice though, and it was helpful to hear what he recommends interviewee's can do to help themselves out. Interviewing is important to getting a job. They always feel like awkward first dates - people tend to exaggerate or lie, and its up to me (the interviewer) to figure out where the truth in a statement is. His section on interviewing helped, and I hope to use his strategies to potentially get better jobs.

Networking is an extremely important thing as well. It's nearly impossible to get a job without being recommended, especially in professional settings. By networking appropriately, one can ensure that they have a solid group of people in their network. Dr. Austin talks about a granular database, how to put yourself on someones radar repeatedly. He records what people like, dislike, birthdays, etc - and uses this to his advantage when networking. He repeated the expression, "its not what you know, but who you know." and took it to heart. I'm an introvert, and its really difficult for me to network. I don't like talking about myself, and I don't like having fake relationships. I feel that people can generally see through these - but Dr. Austin put things in perspective. I'm hoping to start networking a little more, and I hope that having a degree will help calm down my anxiety about networking. It's all mental - just have to get out there and do it!

The section that I really got the most out of was how to manage money. I'm terrible at money management. I don't like to save, and I tend to spend my money on frivolous things that I don't need. Luckily my wife is very frugal, so she curbs my dangerous spending habits. She shouldn't have to though, so I try to find ways to help myself before it gets sent to my "accountant". Budgeting is the best way to go, as Dr. Austin says. I really need to sit down and figure out budgeting. This is the perfect time to learn too, as I'll have to start paying student loans in the very near future. Budgeting for that, as well as other surprise expenses, will only help me in the long run. There will be a time where I won't generate much income. Things grow old and can't work anymore. I'd like to retire, so its very important that I start saving! I have a 401k - but that only provides so much.

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